About me

Alberto Arena

My name is Alberto Arena, and I’m Italian. I lived and worked in UK for 4 years, until I was finally back to the sunny Mediterranean sea in Sicily. I can see the wonderful Strait of Messina from my study window: that sight makes my days easier.

I am a visionary pragmatist who loves coding (I apologise for the oxymoron!). I’ve been working as a Web developer since 2005. I currently code in PHP (CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Drupal, WordPress) and Javascript (lot of vanilla, jQuery, AngularJS), on LAMP stack, and trying to move to MEAN/MERN stack. I play with things like Ansible playbooks, Memcached, ElasticSearch, Grunt, XPath, web-services, data grabbing, etc. and I am very interested to MongoDB and NoSQL, and I am happily learning React and Golang.

I work as a remote contractor for UK clients.

You can follow me on Twitter, or view my LinkedIn profile.

Background and interests

My first approach to programming world was in 1985, when I started coding with my glorious Commodore 64! I can still remember a program that I wrote and that plotted all planets of solar system as “sprites”. It was a start that led me later to work with different languages like C and C++, Clipper, Delphi and finally PHP and Javascript.

I have a background of 9 years in C++ and Delphi, when I coded data entry applications and ICR/OCR software using Borland products. Good old days! Now my daily work is different, but I didn’t lose my passion, and the desire to learn new things.

I’m currently working on several personal projects, included a query language to grab data using CURL + xPath, and some Zend Framework plugins.

I have several personal interests, including reading, guitar, constructed languages, and hand-made dioramas.


In the last years, I have worked on so different projects, from common websites to web-services (SOAP and REST) and complex web-applications. I can’t list publicly all the details of many of the solutions I developed, but they include e.g.:

  • a data grabber that on nightly basis updates a database with 30,000 items
  • a CMS with an MVC approach developed by scratch
  • an algorithm to check heuristically if a website has been hacked or not
  • a HTML to RTF/Word converter for Zend Framework, that uses xPath
  • a WebDav client for Zend Framework 1
  • an interactive interface to build your own t-shirt
  • a Web-based file manager with UI

On my LinkedIn page, you can find a few projects in which I was involved.

Feel fee to contact me privately to see a more detailed portfolio.