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I moved to Jekyll


I decided to move from WordPress to Jekyll. There are a couple of good reasons for this big change.

First, I desired a database-less blog. Currently, my hosting provides only one database (cheap one!), and I needed to move to something more expensive as some demos/scripts I want to upload here need a database. I didn’t like the idea of sharing the same database between different applications.

Second, static is faster. My blog is not a complex web-application where you need to render real-time data, but a place on the cyberspace where I share come content, and not very often. The overhead of having Apache processing my PHP pages was simply useless, at the end.

Third, I desired a develop my blog. I write code almost every day, and I feel more comfortable with Jekyll. It gives me full control, rather than using WordPress back-end. I love typing my posts in MarkDown. Nerd stuff, I admit, but I enjoy it!

Fourth, I desired to use Sass. I want more power and CSS has become limited compared to Sass. I may have used LESS, but it isn’t my favourite choice. Obviously you can use Sass with WordPress, but it’s a tricky game, while Jekyll supports it natively. Less effort for better code!

I am going to add some improvements in next future, like having comments and a better design. But for now, here you go my new Jekyll blog!